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The fine folks at Red Giant asked us for some help with their spectacular new film, Spy vs Guy. We LOVED all the Seth Worely films over the last few years and couldn’t help but say “Yes!” to helping with their latest film.
Dave Coalter created the two large explosion visual effects that happen in the film, replacing the real car and van shot on set with virtual ones to demolish. It was a really tight deadline and we loved every minute of it. Check out the breakdowns of our shots plus the film and Behind The Scenes below. We’re featured at the 9:00 mark in the Behind The Scenes. Thanks again to Red Giant for the opportunity to help with Spy vs Guy and to Ben Worley for letting us use his awesome score he created for the film in our breakdown reel!

Spy vs. Guy VFX Breakdowns from Coalter Digital on Vimeo.

Spy vs Guy from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Red Giant TV Episode #95: Behind the Scenes of Spy vs Guy from Red Giant on Vimeo.


Here’s a behind the scenes peek at what went into creating the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas promo video:








Red Bull




We’ve recently completed this new demo reel that showcases our overall capabilities as opposed to overviews of our past projects:



Coalter Digital was recently featured in the Rayfire Customer showreel alongside work done by visual effects power houses Digital Domain (Transformers), Blur Studios, and Blizzard Entertainment.  Our glass shattering simulation appears at 2:25 into the video.

Check out the showreel for RayFire, a plugin for 3ds Max.



Thanks for watching.



We recently completed some photorealistic vehicle renderings.  The process involved capturing  High Dynamic Range Images on site which are used to help match the lighting of the actual location and also provide the reflections in the car paint, windows, and other reflective surfaces on the car.  This trick helps blend the computer generated cars into the backplates, or still photos that were taken of the location.  This process is similar to how we blend animated elements into real video footage.


Coalter Digital Takes Home 3 Gold Awards At AAF Regionals

Coalter Digital’s project Unmanned Systems won 3 gold awards at the recent American Advertising Federation regional awards.  The United States is broken up into 14 regions, Florida being one of them due to the number of advertising agencies present.  Coalter Digital beat out the best advertising agencies in the state  winning gold for the following categories:

– Video Sales Presentation

– Special Effects, Video or Film

– Sound Design

The project will go on the Nationals to be judged in early May.


On Friday Feb. 24th Coalter Digital swept the SpaceCoast American Advertising Federation winning all three ‘Best Of’ categories including 10 other Gold awards. Watch some of our award winning work below.

Best of Show

Gold – Video Sales Presentation, Sound Design, Special Effects (Video or Film)

‘Unmanned Systems’

Best of Electronic

Gold – Video Sales Presentation, Cinematography

‘Army Football Inspire’

Best of Print

Gold – Arts, Campaign

‘Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, Atlanta show posters’

Gold – Self-Promotion, Broadcast

‘Visual Effects Breakdown Reel’

Gold – Video Sales Presentation

‘Lighter Than Air Hybrid Vehicles’

Gold – Special Effects, Video or Film

‘Network on the Move’

Little Things

When in the planning stages of your next Corporate Video a few keys points we’ve learned:

1. Talk first. Your best storytellers are hiding right under your nose– your employees. Figure our what your video is about. Pull up a chair and get talking. Ask lots of different questions. Employees rarely get this kind of chance to be heard and recognized. You’ll be amazed at what you hear and capture.

2. Script second. Now that you’ve talked to your storytellers, you can put a script together. The secret behind to pulling this off successfully is simple– get your interviews transcribed to paper. Cut and paste your favorite quotes into a compelling story.

3. Put a dragon in your video. Add some conflict. It doesn’t have to include cars tumbling and light sabers clashing. If you solve problems for your clients, there must be a problem somewhere, right? Some challenge that needs to be overcome? Slip in a little drama. You’ll come across being more believable.

4. Keep it short. In general, 3-5  minutes seems to be the ideal time for corporate videos. Some studies indicate viewers drop off significantly after a minute. Of course, every project is different. If you think you need more time for your video, consider breaking up the one video into several shorter videos.

5. Show your passion. Video is the perfect medium to transmit emotions. We can see it. We can hear it. We can share it. We can even feel it. If you’re not passionate about your story, your viewers will know it in seconds.

6. Talk to the audience. Remember– your video is not about you: it’s about your audience. Every question and answer should be framed with your particular viewer in mind.


Yesterday we filmed a project at Northrop Grumman Corporation for their NATO AGS program.  We were working

with 5 actors and many Northrop Grumman employee extras on 4 different set locations.  Here are a few pictures

from the shoot and a big thanks to everyone who was involved.

Actor Chris Lindsay, Director Dave Coalter, Actor Tom Hillmann, and Audio Engineer Brad Czerkies

Actor Mark Whitten, Director Dave Coalter, Actor David MacKey, Audio Engineer Brad Czerkies