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The fine folks at Red Giant asked us for some help with their spectacular new film, Spy vs Guy. We LOVED all the Seth Worely films over the last few years and couldn’t help but say “Yes!” to helping with their latest film.
Dave Coalter created the two large explosion visual effects that happen in the film, replacing the real car and van shot on set with virtual ones to demolish. It was a really tight deadline and we loved every minute of it. Check out the breakdowns of our shots plus the film and Behind The Scenes below. We’re featured at the 9:00 mark in the Behind The Scenes. Thanks again to Red Giant for the opportunity to help with Spy vs Guy and to Ben Worley for letting us use his awesome score he created for the film in our breakdown reel!

Spy vs. Guy VFX Breakdowns from Coalter Digital on Vimeo.

Spy vs Guy from Red Giant on Vimeo.

Red Giant TV Episode #95: Behind the Scenes of Spy vs Guy from Red Giant on Vimeo.


We’ve recently completed this new demo reel that showcases our overall capabilities as opposed to overviews of our past projects:



We recently completed some photorealistic vehicle renderings.  The process involved capturing  High Dynamic Range Images on site which are used to help match the lighting of the actual location and also provide the reflections in the car paint, windows, and other reflective surfaces on the car.  This trick helps blend the computer generated cars into the backplates, or still photos that were taken of the location.  This process is similar to how we blend animated elements into real video footage.