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Yesterday we filmed a project at Northrop Grumman Corporation for their NATO AGS program.  We were working

with 5 actors and many Northrop Grumman employee extras on 4 different set locations.  Here are a few pictures

from the shoot and a big thanks to everyone who was involved.

Actor Chris Lindsay, Director Dave Coalter, Actor Tom Hillmann, and Audio Engineer Brad Czerkies

Actor Mark Whitten, Director Dave Coalter, Actor David MacKey, Audio Engineer Brad Czerkies


Enjoy some breakdowns  from recent projects to see how we create some of our integrated visual effects.  Also included are some simulations we’re capable of running, including rigid body fracture dynamics, tank tread kinematics, and cloth/fabric simulations.

We’re currently prepping for a 5 actor shoot on Thursday at Northrop Grumman for their NATO AGS program.  They have some great sets to work with.  We’ll have some production photos up soon after.


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