Customer Quotes

“Dave Coalter provides not only an outstanding visual product but also advanced products. By hiring Dave, we are able to show videos and graphics that have never been done before. He thinks outside the box of a normal corporate video and takes it to another level that is admired and desired by corporate Vice Presidents. It is crucial that we present our products in a very high technology world class way and Dave is able to do that. Beyond the quality of the product that Dave provides, he is extremely engaged with the customer during the development of the product. He is a detail-oriented individual who cares that every detail of your product is perfect and accurate. Additionally, Dave is affordable. In this economy and uncertain times for defense budgets, cost matters. Dave’s prices ensure that we have quality product for a very fair cost. Lastly, Dave is very creative and understands the concepts so well that he can take your vague idea and turn it into something more. Dave puts his all into a product and will go above and beyond to provide something that exceeds expectations.”

Liz Story, Business Development, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

“I have worked with Dave Coalter for more than 10 years. For the first few years, Dave was a supurb mechanical engineer at our company (a large aerospace defense contractor in the US S-East, 7000 employees), who also had a specialization with animation. Dave became the “go to” animation person for our corporation, producing dozens of supurb animations of complex aerospace systems. Dave has since started his own company, and did so without creating any animosity with his previous employer. We still employ Dave every chance we get. The animations he has produced are, to put it simply, truly incredible. He has an amazing skill to be able to take complex technological systems and make them both understandable and interesting to watch. In areas where the system is not yet fully complete, Dave performs his own engineering and creates plausable and realistic solutions. His animations incorporate artistic, edgy features that make you feel entertained while you learn about a proposed product (this is usually a boring event). Dave is easy to work with, funny, and always performs on time. I would be happy to perform a personal endorsement to any prospective clients (ask Dave for my contact information).”

Murray Hann,  Senior Scientist, Harris Corporation Government Communications

“Dave’s company provides a product and service that is outstanding. His creativity is the best in the business and the product that he deliverys are professionally created and will have an significant impact on your business. Using Dave’s company to develop our Videos has been more effective and provided more value than using any other company and our own inter company capabilities.”

Greg Bublitz – Vice President – International Business,  Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

“It is rare to find an individual who can provide fast service for a high quality product at a reasonable cost. Dave manages to do all three. I would highly reccomend him. Incredible ability to turn your ideas into a dynamic visual product with high impact.”

Curtis Pearson – Director, Information Dominance, Northrop Grumman Information Systems

“David Coalter is honest and dedicated to providing a quality product and service to his clients. He is creative and always is striving to help clients create a unique advantage. His technology presentations are cutting edge and can be the difference between winning or losing a bid. His services literally “make the difference.  I strongly recommend David and his team.”

Jeff Piersall, Owner, SCB Media Group, LLC

“I hired Dave at Coalter Digital to help create an over-the-top visual presentation summarizing various capabilities for addressing the Cyber Security market. The results were spectacular and couldn’t have been done without his great technical engineering capacity and passion for visualizing concepts. I can hardly wait for an opportunity to use Coalter Digital again!”

Mitch Prust, Director of Technical Services, Works Computing

“Dave is a creative genius. He can take a simplistically developed concept and turn it into a work of marketing art. I continue to utilize his talents!”

Carol Gabica, Sr. Business Development Manager, Harris Corporation