About Us

COALTER DIGITAL was founded in 2007 in Melbourne Beach, FL by David Coalter, a mechanical engineer with a passion for visualizing concepts in 3D. The focus of the company has since been high quality and reliable production of 3D animations and films for engineering firms and advertising agencies.


People look at marketing videos like advertisements.  They look for authentic content that entertains and educates in quick doses.  Everything has to be entertaining or useful—or both.

We believe studios should be equally strong at both ideas and technology. It doesn’t matter if it’s an animated CONOPS, cinematic program overview, or demo summary: It’s all advertising. To make work that cuts through, creative and technology need to function as one. That’s how we’re organized, and we like to think it makes us a little different.

There is no such thing as B to B. Businesses don’t talk to businesses. Buildings don’t talk to buildings. We are a group of people who care — a lot — about the clients we work with, the businesses we help build, and the people with whom we do it.

Our people work hand in glove with creative, strategy – really everybody – to do two things: First, make existing ideas stronger by adding media ideas to them. Second, and more importantly, make completely new ideas that couldn’t have happened without the two being married to each other.

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