What’s Difference Between Motion Graphics Vs. Animation?


In the modern era, the animation world is increasing every day, and even businesses are using it up for marketing strategies as well. People are not familiar with the difference between graphics and Animation and assume both of them to be the same.

Motion graphics is a type of Animation; on the other hand, motion graphic is explained as an animated graphic design. We are here focusing on the difference between motion graphics and Animation along with their application.

Difference between motion graphics vs. Animation!

You must have seen people using both motion graphics and Animation terms interchangeably. You cannot always distinguish both motion graphics and Animation as there are different styles of Animation which you need to be considerate of.

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The animation is a wider aspect, and motion graphics are a part of it. Animation has remained in business for more than 100 years. The technique of making static objects or image moves is known as Animation, and it can be in a different form, whether CGI, anime, claymotion, motion graphics, or hand-drawn cartoons. Cgi is good to be done, but motion graphics can also be done with hand has drawn motion graphics as well.

The content is what makes motion graphics from other types of Animation. The setting of abstract objects, text, and other graphic design elements in motion are all associated with motion graphics. When you bring a graph, web design, or infographic to life with movement is known as Animation; however, when talking about a specific design, it is called motion graphics.

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Graphic design that is static and gives Animation and movement is known as motion graphics and mainly falls under a specific narrative. When you wish to bars in your graph to level up from some extra visual flair, that is actually a part of motion graphics. The movement of the logo on the website to spin around is also a part of motion graphics.

When talking about motion graphics vs. Animation, motion graphic is just a part of Animation, whereas Animation is a wider aspect.


In conclusion, we can say that using motion graphics versus Animation is a smaller aspect, and generally, its content makes it different than usual. With motion graphics, it is easy for designers to exhibit complex ideas simply with the proper illustration. On the other hand, animation includes working through different modes such as motion graphics, CGI, hand-drawn graphics, or web designs. We hope the details stated above make sense to you in learning better about motion graphics and Animation thoroughly.

August 2021